onsdag, januari 31, 2007

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Things happens when they are supposed to happen. Everything sticks together. I do know that. Really! But sometimes I forget. And then I feel a need to remind myself. Both of what I am going to do but also about what I have done. So life kind of get some substance and not only flashes away and blinds me with it's wind draft.

I don't like to be un-em-plo-yed! I don't like not knowing what path to chose. Not beeing able to decide. It is only up to me but it is so darn hard that I loose myself in some kind of mind fog. And I let everything else occupie my mind. Making lists. Of funny stuff. Things I'd like to knit. And in what yarns. Books I'd like to buy. Later on some time.

I also make a lot of lists of things not funny at all. What to shop next time I go to the grosery store. Partys to prepare. Spaces to clear, things to sort out. Everything on it's own place. A pathetic try to create some order. Then I wonder what's making me so god damn unable to make desicions. Watching all organized people around me. People with structured life plans heading for a specific goal. And I wish I could be a little more like them. Some times.

Yesterday when I was driving home I thought about Fosco and her contest. I was lucky to win second price. (She was generous and put a second price in when we were only three contestants. Third one was Foscos sister and obviously she didn't count. Must be like all other activitys where prices in stake when relatives not allowed to participate. But Foscos sister didn't know I guess!)

Any way. I looked forward to receive this price (guess all of you do know by now how fond I am of gifts) and at the same time I didn't want the Fosco-girl to think I had got the gift but not yet thanked her for it (that would be so rude!) and that's why I thought I should write and tell her I have not yet received it. (Did any one understand that past sentense?) Well, I got home and checked the mail box (I always hope to find something else than bills and commercial leaflets) and, what do you know, there was a small, thin envelope from... tadam tadam tadam... Fosco!

Check what was in it! And still everybody wonders what I mean with synchronisity...

"Planing for a continously unplaned life"
You can read more about Loesje here.

... but that is so obvious when I show my latest FO's.

I made the cuff with white beads last saturday and the one with blue was started sunday. I know, I'm way after everybody else, but that's who I am. Never been very hip and modern. What about the calender, you might ask. Well, the way time just swoops away and my mind in that foggy condition, I needed a note book to write about my (some kind of) reality. And this calender is stuffed with words of wisdome speaking right to me. Just what I need. But the big question is how did Fosco-sweet heart know about all this. She didn't but, as I said earlier, things happen when they are supposed to!

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this is one cool cuff!