fredag, september 22, 2006

Photo taken by son in July.

I have to tell you about my son. He's very special. My daughter is special too, as well as my bonuschildren, don't misunderstand me, but they are special in different ways and I love them all dearly. Well, back to "sonny".

About last christmas, son insisted that our family should sign up for sponsoring a child in "SOS-Barnbyar" (free translation to "SOS-villages for children"). Well, time passed, and we never came to it. But two weeks ago son was sick and tired of waiting and told me "If you don't do it, I will". I just had to finish what I was doing but son walked off to the comput
er with a very determind look upon his face.

After a while I saw son searching around in the bedroom drawer. And when I asked what he was looking for he told me he needed the little green box. (At son's christening he received a gold identity disc, engraved with his name and social security number, in a little green box.) I surrendered and told him I could help with his application.

When I got to the computer son had already filled out the form, perfectly! Only missing data was... tadam tadam tadam... his social security number. When it turned ou
t only persons older than 18 could sign up I e-mailed "SOS-Barnbyar" to assure my son having his name on the sponsorship. About a week later he received a chunky letter in mail with all details about beeing a sponsor. In three weeks he will have information about "his" sponsor child and son is looking so much forward to it.

Son's eleven years old now. And still, after these years, he amaze me from time to time. He has such a good heart, my dear son, and I hope from the bottom of my soul, that this world won't change him into something else. It's not always "allowed" to be different, at least not in our part of the world.

Over to my knitting. On the needles right now is second "Yukon Leaves". I've just turned the heel and it feels like this sock will be tighter than first one. I really would lik
e to know how knit two socks in two circs but the instrucions I can find are in english and sometimes I feel it's just to hard to learn from.

I have also a "Alien Illusion Scarf" in progress. Intend to knit at least one more repeat due to pattern. Think I will exclude fringes and with one, or matbe two, more pattern repeats the scarf will still be long enough.

Picture from "Stich'n Bitch".

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Knit-Marie sa...

Vilken kille!
Jag fick ärva fadderskapet till en tjej i Peru, efter min syster som gick bort i februari.
Vad din son ska veta, så att han inte blir besviken, är att det tar en evighet för brev båda vägarna. Ska gå från SOSbyn till nåt centralt i respektive land; sen till Eurpoa och SoS i (Schweiz är det väl) och så småningom sändas till faddern.
Om ni fått ett fadderbarn vars språk ni kan skriva på, så går det kanske fortare.
Men krama sonen och säg att vi gillar den sortens envishet!

Eva i Halmstad sa...

Jag läste på bonnmorans sida hur man stickar magic loop. titta på den 30 juli i år, adress

HPNY Knits sa...

its wonderful to see ones children doing well and caring.