onsdag, juli 02, 2008

Once upon a time there was a knitress. She had two balls...

... of lovely hand dyed yarn. One day she sat and squeezed her balls not knowing what to make of them. But finally she said "Of course" and started with her knit. It turned into a long and tube-like thing. But all from start she had her doubts about this "perfect match". That's why the knitress a not so rainy day took a look around in thoughts of trying something new.

A woman can get warmth from other stuff so maybe this is it. To have the lot is not what's possible right now. Even if you never thought theese objects was alike, they share more than what's expected if you take another look.

Though a ball of yarn has two ends this story, only one.

So make your guess, my friend, which object's still alive?

2 kommentarer:

Cina sa...

Sockan!! :D

LenaL sa...

Åh, sockan är ljuvlig, måtte den inte fått möta en för tidig död!!!

Ha det så jättegott!